03.05.2024 LIVE @ Escape, Vienna

INFEST- Serbian deathrash metal band which strikes from 2002, with full power and energy.
Throughout more than 20 years of existence, Infest released 6 full length albums, 3 EP’s and had more that 15 European tours, participated on many of the biggest European metal festivals, and shared the stage with some of the best extreme metal bands on the scene. Also as one of the most active bands from the Balkans, Infest caresses the spirit of old school death and thrash metal, without compromise.
Infest had a collaboration with bands like Keep of Kalessin, Sinister, Immolation and many more. On the latest album ” Psychosis” Ross Dolan & Bob Vigna from Immolation were special guests on one of the songs with solo parts & vocals.
The Album was mastered by Dan Swano ( Edge of Sanity), and cover art was made by Roberto Toderico ( Artworks for Arch Enemy, Asphyx…).
In 2024, Infest will record a new album, and release it by the end of the year.


VERMOCRACY- Dark Melodic Death Metal as a reminiscence to the 90s. Powerfull riffs, earthly grooves and bestial vocals paint a dystopian picture of the fall and decline of modern society.

Formed in 2017 by Andreas Huber and Roman Kolesnik, the band completed their lineup with Michael Frick (Horns of Hattin, ex­-Theotoxin) on vocals, Hannes Sandrini (Obsidian Chamber, Candles and Wraths, Horns of Hattin) on bass and since 2023 Martin Frick (ex-Dismal Lumentis, ex-Theotoxin) on guitars. In 2018 Vermocracy started to perform live ­ supporting, amongst others, Baest, Benighted and Malevolant Creation and performing at the STP Metal Weekend 2019. In October 2020 Vermocracy‘s self­titled album was released on CD and digitally with the amazing artwork of Armin Stocker followed by the 2nd album „Age Of Dysphoria“ (Black Sunset Records) in 2022.


EREBOS – Austrian Death metal machine

Striking from 2002, Erebos brings the spirit of brutality and massive destruction!!!

Grümphrö – Austrian black metal madness

Austrian Black Metal commando!
From the burial ground of Austrian black soil, Grumphro strikes with Black Metal manic attack!
Expect pure Black Metal madness with no compromise!


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